Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Dear Editor,

I am writing on behalf of 70,000 organized supporters of Governor Cuomo. The media has chosen to ignore and not cover the support that Gov. Cuomo has. I assure you despite the polls – we are out there in huge numbers, and our voices have not been heard.

In the past week – we have donated towards 500 NYC Taxis toppers, an Albany billboard stating “We the Voters Decide” and a banner that flys this week saying “We Believe Governor Cuomo”.

If you have read the AG’s report and the rebuttal statement / seen the presser – I urge you to conduct an investigation into the report as it omitted key information and had leading questions to fit their predetermined narrative. 

For example, the AG omitted RECORDED facts about Lindsey Boylan among which the fact that she left after being confronted with a number of issues and then asked her job back.

Additionally, the report omits Boylan threatened Mr. Zemsky to collaborate with her story re: the strip poker comment.

What about the phone calls Trip Yang (campaign manager to Boylan) and Ibrahim Kahn (AG James chief of staff) re Boylan’s intent to use her allegations against Cuomo as part of her campaign strategy?

Only 41 of 179 people interrogated regarding Governor Cuomo were under oath. They were NOT all recorded or transcribed. AG James won’t give a list of who was interviewed. Won’t release transcripts or evidence to Cuomo’s legal team. Does this seem normal to you for a high-profile State led investigation?

“I received a phone call a few months ago from a lawyer. This was a lawyer I did not know. I did not know he was involved in the case and represented someone I didn’t even know that had been interviewed. This lawyer got my telephone number from another lawyer, as he believed it was very important for me to get some information. The information was that the manner of questioning alarmed this lawyer. That I was being warned that minds were made up and that questions pushed back on evidence that was favorable to the Governor and particularly information this witness had to provide about credibility.”  Rita Glavin 

Does the above not seem concerning the media? Please do your own investigations into this – just like the ClubHouse story of NYS members plotting how to make sure Cuomo can’t run again was uncovered. 

We believe Rita Glavin’s statements that this is an investigation of a predetermined narrative.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Kindest regards and best wishes,

Daisy Cooper

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