Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has joined fellow New Yorkers to commemorate the second anniversary of Healthy Lifestyle Day, which took place today at Benedict Avenue in the Bronx.

In a letter sent to the organizers of this event, Lifestyle Lifespan Movement, Governor Hochul acknowleged the importance of living a healthy lifestyle as she expressed her full support for the mission of the movement.

“It’s my pleasure to send greetings to everyone gathered for the Second Anniversary of
Healthy Lifestyle Day on Benedict Avenue in the Bronx,” said Governor Hochul.

“New Yorkers recognize the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles and the benefits of lifelong fitness and exercise,” she added.

She therefore encouraged all attendees to be attentive and ensure they go home with life changing information from experts and invited speakers that would guide them to live a healthy life.

“Today, you will hear an incredible lineup of experts on the subject of nutrition, health and wellness.

“I welcome the many leaders, as well as Lifestyle Lifespan, who will counsel, answer questions, and pass on vital information and education to the public, in a fun and relaxing environment,” the Governor said.

“These valuable resources strengthen and empower your community, and I commend everyone affiliated for their generous support and commitment to self-awareness, self-improvement, and healthy living,” she concluded.

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