Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

The New York Political Coalition, popularly called NYPC, has officially announced its endorsement of Democratic candidate for 2021 mayoral race, Eric L. Adams.  

In a press release sent to Parkchester Times, Attorney Eunice Ukwuani, the President of New York Political Coalition (NYPC) known for her United Nations humanitarian work said, “This endorsement is to support a leader who will be a mayor for all New Yorkers and fight for all ethnic communities. 

“Most importantly, he has stated severally that keeping New Yorkers safe is his top priority. His track record speaks for him because he helped many communities in New York,” Attorney Ukwuani said. 

“As a former NYPD Captain, Mr. Adams understands we should not defund the police but instead reform and refund NYPD without compromising the safety of New Yorkers. The issue is prioritizing and appropriation to make sure we don’t short-change those entrusted with keeping us and children safe.If we come out and vote for the right candidate, I believe the next mayor of the greatest City in the world will be Eric Adams,” she added.

Olivia Nantango, NYPC Outreach Director stated, “A friend doesn’t wisper quietly that they got your back”, Eric Adams is that friend and has been that friend to our communities for decades. He has an overwhelming sense for humanity and leadership. He’s a pro-active leader with the capability of changing the City of New York.He’s that politician that believes in the power of the people. A hands on leader that is ready to stop feeding our crises and start solving them together with us.” 

Carmen V. Cruz, Founder of Silent Processionnyc4pr, added that she joined NYPC’s support for Eric L. Adams based on many socio-economic and political issues important to her, which Eric Adams prioritizes in his campaign manifestos. 

“Among some of these essential issues are: creation of affordable housing in collaboration with nonprofit land trusts, improvement of school and healthcare services in the city, empowerment of youth through year round Summer Youth Employment Program and many others,” she said. 

Amb. Dr. Sima Karetnaya, the United States Ambassador of Public Health and Global Peace WHO Medical Expert, who is also a member of New York Political Coalition (NYPC) buttressed, “Three years ago, Eric Adams lent me a hand of support and friendship. All this time he has been nothing but a great friend, supporter and mentor to me. Today, I pay my respect back by wholeheartedly supporting the one and only next Mayor of NYC Eric Adams. His victory will be well earned and deserved. It is the way to the recovery of the public health, economic, educational, safety and housing systems of New York City.”

The New York Political Coalition is a nonpartisan organization with a mission of civic participation, good governance, effective political representation and citizens’ easy access to voting systems.

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