Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

Dr. George Onuorah, an NY statesman and a former Democratic City Council Candidate in 21st District Queens, has officially endorsed Eric L. Adams for the mayor of New York City, according to a press release sent to New York Parrot. 

In his endorsement statement, Onuorah declared, “As a candidate who contested the New York City Council race on June 22, 2021 Democratic Primary, I want to also make my position crystal clear that I have always unequivocally supported Eric Adams for New York City mayor, but officially endorsing him because his ideological stance of centrism remains compatible with my political credo.

“He understands what leadership is about and what it will take keep New York City Safer. With a rise in crime in our City, only a candidate with a strong public safety vision will make us and our families safer, and Eric Adams is the one.”

“Since his anticipated Democratic primary victory, I have been at the fore-front helping to mobilize support and voters to put Eric Adams over the top in November 2 general election. Eric Adams is that mayor we have all been waiting for,” he added.

While calling on eligible New Yorkers to vote massively for the Democratic candidate, Onuorah described Eric Adams as the most suitable visionary leader for the NYC mayoral stool.

“Day-in and day-out my singular objective remains making sure we elect a bold leader, a compassionate leader and a purpose-driven visionary as the next mayor of the greatest City in the world. I ‘m equally calling all eligible voters to cast their ballot for Eric Adams,” he said.

“Let it be known that today that I unequivocally and enthusiastically endorse Eric Adams to be our next mayor. I have every confidence in his ability and political sagacity to do a great job to lift us out of this pandemic and to help re-ignite and reboot our economy,” Onuorah concluded.

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