Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

The President of the New York Political Coalition, Attorney Eunice Ukwuani, has commended voters and other stakeholders in New York City for ensuring peacefully and successfully electoral process of electing their leaders to various public offices in the last November 2nd polls.

The leader of the organization, which had its 3rd borough civics agenda launch in Manhattan on October 30th at 116th Street and 3rd Avenue East Harlem, said, “NYPC as a nonpartisan organization with a mission of civic participation, good governance, effective political representation and citizens’ easy access to voting systems is grateful to all voters who yielded to their calls to come out to vote in the last general elections.

Likewise, without support NYPD officials and the cooperation of all the contestants, the election of new leaders of the City wouldn’t have been possible. Hence, NYPC thank you all for your acts of patriotism.”

The president therefore encouraged New Yorkers to do more in actively engaging in their civics responsibilities, especially, in the subsequent polls.

“Even though this last elections’ voters turnout wasn’t good enough, I strongly believe we can always do better. Please join us in spreading this to your families, friends and relatives: Our vote is our power to decide our future and the future of our younger ones; hence, we must take voting as one of our top priorities in life.

Come 2022 elections in New York State, we must all massively come out to vote and triple the number of this year’s voters turnout,” the NYPC President said.

“We use this medium to congratulate our new Mayor-elect Eric Adams and the rest of the wimners in the last poll, and wish you resounding progressive administrative records during your stay in your various public offices,” Sheikh Musa Drammeh, the founder of the organization, added.

“NYPC Civic Agenda amplify New Yorkers’ voices about increasing participation in elections so that gains of democratic dividends trickle down to communities. Our diverse grassroots, people-powered agenda to increase civic and electoral participation was already launched in the Bronx and Queens. The Boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island will soon come.

Our democracy suffers when citizens sit-out elections worsening levels of apathy and complacency about voting in elections, low turnout suffocates and derails any serious attempt to uplift our communities. Therefore, it’s imperative that our elected leaders and political activists join hands so as our communities get empowered resources coming in will help us navigate Covid-19 pandemic and improve public safety,” Drammeh concluded.

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  1. Yes ppl have to get involved in local elections because they all work for us and they are more accessible more than the President and Governor is.

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