Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

New York Political Coalition, under the leadership of Attorney Eunice Ukwuani, President, in collaboration with the Gorgeous Mosaic Coalition have organized a pro-Eric Adams public safety rally under (NYPC) on Tuesday, November  23, 2021 at the steps of Brooklyn Borough Hall by Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn.

According to Ukwuani, the Gorgeous Mosaic Coalition is with #MayorEricAdams for the next eight years “to reclaim our city for good”.  

President Ukwuani stated in her opening remarks that the New Yorkers would not allow criminals to disrupt the administrative activities of Mayor-Elect Eric Adams.

“I stand here today calling for peace and unity rally in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall steps to let New Yorkers know that the same way we worked hard to elect Eric Adams is the same way we have to support him to make sure that violent groups don’t have their way to distract our Mayor-Elect administration.

“We want the next 4 years and another 4 years to be peaceful because Eric Adams is here to do his job and to fulfill his public safety promise to keep New Yorkers safe. All New Yorkers should come together to support our Mayor-Elect Eric Adams to enjoy the dividends of peace and unity,” Attorney Ukwuani said.

Councilman Peter Koo, in his remarks at the rally, made it clear that “we need to love one another and stop the violence especially the Asian hate”.

“Mr. Eric Adams ran on a public safety platform and have articulated how his administration will implement it during his tenure. New Yorkers gravitated towards him primarily due to his public safety background and commitment. Every speech he gave during the primary and general elections, his consistent promise to bring law and order back in the city was loud and clear.  There is no doubt the fact that his re-election hinges on how well he executes his public safety agenda as promised. He repeatedly said “Public safety is prerequisite to prosperity.” He is right.  The Gorgeous Mosaic Coalition will be assisting him with his administrative agenda to not only meet but exceed the expectations of New Yorkers.”  Sheikh Musa Drammeh, The Gorgeous Mosaic Coalition.

CEO & Founder of Women for Change NYC, Regina Edwards noted, “Women for Change NYC we believe in diversity and that every ethnic group has representation. It is imperative that we coalesce together in partnership with the Mayor-Elect Eric L. Adams. There’s a lot of work to get done, Eric cannot do this alone. I have faith as he picks his cabinet, that he will ensure the most diverse team possible. Over the pandemic our economy suffered a major setback. It is our civic responsibility as well to ensure this city has the greatest comeback”. NYC is the most diverse city in the US, we have NO time for distractions. Let’s get to work, it’s go time!”

“Unity in support of Mayor-Elect Eric Adams it’s imperative to continue in a diverse and unified manner for New York City to reign as the most safe and cohesive City under the leadership of NYC Mayor Eric Adams. Every citizen is asked to support and participate in that effort”. Carmen V. Cruz

“Our Mayor-Elect Eric Adams has always been fighting for us, for the realization of potentials and talents of those who deserve it. Now is the time for us, the authentic leaders of New York City, who have been loyal to Eric Adams, to stay loyal to him and show him that we are worthy of joining forces with him in his genial plan to rebuild this city no matter what it takes. Therefore, there is no way for violence, hate or crime in NYC.” said Amb. Dr. Sima Karetnaya.

“I believe that is the only way we can be successful. Give peace a chance because we don’t have time for distractions and will not tolerate anymore threats from any groups ever again. Say no to violence and yes to peace and unity. Violence can never lead us anywhere but to destruction.

“I thank Jeffrey Davis for leading the City Hall rally and Assemblyman, Jose Rivera for leading the Bronx rally at Fordham Plaza in support of Eric Adams”.

“Special thanks to the Chinese Community, Winnie Greco & NYC Councilman, Peter Koo for coming to join us, even though were invited at the last minute,” Attorney Ukwuani concluded.

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