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BANJUL, November 29, 2021 –  Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM) has announced the appointment of Lord Mayor of Banjul Rohey Malick Lowe as its Executive Committee new Vice Chair, according to GPM press release.

In her position as Vice Chair, Mayor Lowe is now a member of the GPM’s Daily Board, joining Mayor Peter Kurz (Mannheim, Germany), who serves as Chair of the organization, and Ricardo Rio (Braga, Portugal), the GPM’s Treasurer. The Daily Board is in charge of the daily governance of the Global Parliament of Mayors and part of the Executive Committee, which is the primary executive body of the GPM.

In her acceptance speech, Mayor Lowe said, “It is with a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude that I announce to the citizens of our beloved country The Gambia of my appointment  as Vice -Chairperson of The Global Parliament of Mayors. I am indeed honored and want to take this opportunity to congratulate the women and youths of The Gambia for their invaluable and consistent support as Mayor of Banjul. This laudable achievement is indeed your making and I wholeheartedly dedicate it to you.”

“I therefore seize this opportunity to congratulate the women and youths of The Gambia and to add that despite our size and limited resources we as a nation and people are steadfast in our resolve to set this country to the path of success,” she added.  

“May Allah continue to bless our undertakings and guide every step we take in our search for a prosperous nation. Congratulations to Banjul! This is for you,” Mayor Lowe concluded.

Mayor Lowe was the first woman elected mayor of Banjul, The Gambia, a position she has held since 2018. Mayor Lowe uses her powerful voice to advocate for women’s empowerment and gender equality. In her role as mayor, she has ushered in several developments in her city and the Gambia that enable them to be part of national and local decision making processes. She has established women’s political groups across the country to train women and youth and prepare them for leadership.

According to the press release, Global Parliament of Mayors noted that “Since joining the GPM in 2019, Mayor Lowe has contributed actively to the organization. Most recently, Mayor Lowe co-led the GPM’s Uniting Mayors Project on climate-forced migration. In addition to her position in the GPM, Mayor Lowe is the President of the African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum, and President of REFELA, The Gambia national chapter under the leadership of the United Cities for Local Governments (UCLG).”

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