Beautiful Things are never Perfect by Mannit Mann


Mannit Mann of India writes of the true meaning of beauty, friendship, and love.

Beauty is not bound in the clutches of  perfection.

Let it flow seamlessly like a river.

Let it radiate its lustre like a diamond.

Feel the beauty of your disheveled morning hair,

A face bare of your artificial layers ,

Which speaks of your night peaceful.

A hand spoiled with soil entices with its laboured fragrance 

Stretch marks on the skin, a testimony of your motherly credence,

Wrinkled skin and grey hair beautifies a person’s experience,

A crescent moon still lures with its enticing luminescence.

The night sky mystifies its beauty in the darkness,

The soldier glorifies his valour in his scarred appearance,

Even an old book holds its beauty in its potent words.

No thing always appeals in its splendid presence,

Its flaws symbolises its uniqueness and worthy essence,

Embrace one and all with their frailties and failings, 

Rejoice and bask in the beauty adorned in the cloak of their imperfections.

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