July 15, 2024

The Mayor of Banjul, Rohey Malick Lowe, who contested for the positive of Vice President against a Malian mayor in the recently concluded West Africa REFELA elections in Ivory Coast, has been declared the winner.

While reacting to the outcome of the election that took place on Friday, February 18, Mayoress Lowe noted that even though the election was tough, she was grateful that she finally emerged the winner.

“It was not an easy ride but thanks to the favour of Allah the Almighty, I emerged as winner. A Mayor from Cape Verde voted for me breaking the deadlock that followed a tie between myself and the candidate from Mali,” the Mayor of Banjul said.

Having appreciated UCLG Africa, GALGA, REFELA Gambia branch and Gambian citizens for their unwavering support and for believing in her leadership as the Mayor of the capital city of The Gambia, she dedicated the victory to Gambian women and youth

“In the same vein, I wish to seize this opportunity to congratulate the women and youths of The Gambia for their invaluable and consistent support to me as Mayor of Banjul. This laudable achievement is indeed your making and I wholeheartedly dedicate it to you,” she further said.

“A big thanks goes to Senegalese representatives who also joined our campaign team during the second round of the voting process,” she added.

“Despite our size and limited resources, we as a nation and people are steadfast in our resolve to set this country to the path of success,” Mayoress Lowe concluded.

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