Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Bronx Borough President Vanessa has commended President Joe Biden for nominating the first African-American woman, Ketanji Brown Jackson, on the Supreme Court.

In a press release sent to New York Parrot today, Friday, February 25, Borough President Gibson said, “I applaud President Biden for his HerStoric nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson, who could be the first African-American woman to serve on the United States Supreme Court.”

In her remarks, she further noted that Jackson’s both long legal and humanitarian experiences would go a long way in improving official activities of the Supreme Court.

“Ketanji Brown Jackson is an accomplished judge and public defender, who is dedicated to the rule of law, and has always made civil rights and equity a priority,” Gibson said. “She has worked tirelessly with the utmost of integrity to serve our nation throughout her career, and she will bring a legal and human perspective that will improve the Supreme Court for years to come.”

She therefore described Jackson as an emulatable model for young girls and women of color across the country.

“Ketanji Brown Jackson is also representative of the diversity of our nation and her nomination will show young girls and women of color across our country that they can also achieve their dreams and serve at the highest levels of government. Women continue to shatter glass ceilings this year and I believe this is only the beginning,” BP Gibson added. 

“We have a lot of work ahead of us at this critical moment in our nation when we must continue to defend and uphold our principles and values. Today’s historic nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson is a significant step in the right direction and I am hopeful the United States Senate will move quickly to confirm this HerStory maker,” she concluded. 

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