Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) has expanded its portfolio to include a new division, the Press Credentials Office (PCO).

According to a report, under Local Law 46 of 2021, press credentialing responsibilities, previously managed by the NYPD, were transferred to MOME on January 20, 2022.

The report adds that Samer Nasser will oversee PCO as Executive Director, reporting to Commissioner Anne del Castillo.

“A native New Yorker and first-generation Arab American, Nasser has over two decades of experience working in broadcast journalism.

“She joins MOME from ViacomCBS, where she most recently served as National News Producer for their most highly rated news programs,” the report reads.

Prior to that, Nasser worked as the International News Editor at Al Jazeera America and Business News Desk Manager at Fox Business Network. She holds a BA in Journalism and Education from New York University, and an MBA in Media Management and Marketing from Fordham University.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Samer Nasser as the new Executive Director of the Press Credentials Office,” said the Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, Anne del Castillo.

“She brings a wealth of experience in journalism and management that will ensure the press credentialing process is seamless so that New Yorkers remain connected to and informed about the issues that matter most to them.”

“As a former member of the press, I understand how important it is to accurately inform the public,” said Executive Director Samer Nasser.

“It’s a true honor and a privilege to serve NYC’s press corps and the great city of New York, my hometown.”

Current NYPD-issued press credentials remain valid until January 15, 2023.

The requirements for obtaining a press credential have not changed, but the application process has been streamlined through a new online application system.

Qualified members of the press who do not have a current NYC press credential can find eligibility requirements and instructions on how to apply at

Subject to safety concerns, evidence preservation protocols, and space limitations, a press card entitles a member of the press to cross police, fire lines, or other restrictions, limitations, or barriers established by the NYC government at emergency, spot, or breaking news events and non-emergency public events.

A member is also entitled to attend NYC-government-sponsored events that are open to members of the press.

In accordance with Local Law 46 of 2021, new rules governing the credentialing process provide that a press credential cannot be suspended or revoked prior to a hearing at OATH.

Applicants who are denied a press credential have the right to appeal at OATH and will be provided the criteria for the denial.

The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment’s mission is to strengthen New York City’s thriving creative economy and make it accessible to all.

In 2019, the creative industries accounted for more than 500,000 local jobs and have an economic impact of $150 billion annually. MOME comprises five divisions: The Film Office, which coordinates on-location production throughout the five boroughs; NYC Media, the city’s official broadcast network and production group; the Office of Nightlife, which supports the city’s nighttime economy; the Press Credentials Office, which issues press cards; and Programs and Initiatives to advance industry and workforce development across NYC’s creative sectors.

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