NY senators blasted for posing with banner evoking 9/11 at climate change rally


A firefighters union has reprimanded two New York state senators after they posed with an image evoking 9/11.

The picture shows Democrats Robert Jackson, of Manhattan, and Rachel May, of Syracuse, at an Albany rally on Tuesday to combat climate change.

In front of them is a banner with an image of a plane labeled “climate change” heading toward the Twin Towers.

“The tragic events of 9/11 should never be used to prop up your unrelated cause. If you can’t garner support for your cause by the facts related to it, you should steer clear of using someone else’s tragedy and suffering to further your cause. It’s unacceptable and irresponsible,” said Andrew Ansbro, president of the Uniformed Firefighters Association.

“It was flapping in the breeze. Honestly, I did not see it. I don’t know how to say that any other way, and I totally regret if people feel, people who were upset about it, I totally understand why. I was upset when I saw it and realized,” May said.

Robert Jackson has since apologized on Twitter: “I did not note the details of the artwork and would never support anything that denigrates the memory of all who were impacted by 9/11. The artwork depicted is wrong and I fully reject it.”

1 thought on “NY senators blasted for posing with banner evoking 9/11 at climate change rally

  1. Seems like an apt metaphor (in no way disrespectful) to me. Not clear why people have trouble taking it in the spirit that the artist intended.

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