June 23, 2024

Ukrainian forces foil sixth Russian air attack on Kyiv, down Iranian-made drones


Sirens blared through the capital city of Kyiv as Ukrainian forces successfully thwarted yet another Russian air attack on Tuesday morning. The attack, which marked the sixth attempt by Russia to strike Kyiv in the past month, was met with swift response from Ukrainian air defense systems, resulting in the downing of all incoming Iranian-made Shahed drones. Thankfully, early reports indicated no damage or casualties, according to officials.

The latest air assault came on the heels of a drone attack on Moscow, approximately 500 kilometers (300 miles) away from Ukraine, prompting Russia to issue warnings of “tough retaliatory measures.”

Serhiy Popko, the head of Kyiv’s military administration, provided insight into the confrontation, revealing that all the hostile drones were detected and neutralized before reaching their targets in Kyiv. Speaking via the Telegram messaging app, Popko disclosed that the air alert persisted for three intense hours, during which the Ukrainian air defense systems effectively neutralized the imminent threat.

“At this moment, there were no victims or destruction reported in the capital,” Popko assured the public, emphasizing the effectiveness of the defense measures taken. However, in light of the ongoing tensions, the Kyiv regional military administration had earlier issued an alert for drone attacks, urging residents to seek safety in shelters.

In addition to Kyiv, the Ukrainian Air Force issued an alert for drone strikes on the southern Odesa and Mykolaiv regions, both of which lie along Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. These regions are home to crucial port infrastructure, which has been frequently targeted by Moscow’s attack drones and missiles since a recent exit from a deal that facilitated the safe shipment of grain from Ukraine.

As the situation remains tense, Ukrainian forces continue to be on high alert to safeguard their territories from any further incursions. The international community watches closely as the conflict between Russia and Ukraine persists, hoping for a peaceful resolution to avoid any escalation that could lead to further casualties and damage.

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