Pope Francis urges global support for flood-ravaged Libya

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In a heartfelt plea for international assistance, Pope Francis has once again called upon the global community to rally behind a devastated Libya, emphasizing the ongoing need for solidarity with its suffering population.

Addressing Italian-speaking pilgrims at the conclusion of his Wednesday General Audience, the Pope expressed his deep concern for the people of Libya, who have endured the harsh impact of violent rains resulting in extensive flooding, numerous casualties, injuries, and significant damage.

The Holy Father extended an earnest invitation to all the faithful, urging them to join him in prayer for those who have tragically lost their lives, their grieving families, and the countless individuals displaced by this calamity.

“Please do not fail in our solidarity with these brothers and sisters tried so hard by this calamity,” Pope Francis fervently emphasized.

Thousands Feared Lost

According to reports from Reuters news agency, the desperate search for thousands of missing individuals in the wake of catastrophic flooding is ongoing, with the death toll surpassing 5,300 and expected to rise significantly.

The devastation was triggered by a powerful storm that ruptured nearby dams, leading to torrents of water that inundated a substantial portion of the Mediterranean city of Derna, sweeping away buildings and their occupants.

An estimated 10,000 people are currently unaccounted for, with many feared to have been carried out to sea by the deluge.

A Continuing Call for Support

In an act of solidarity earlier this week, Pope Francis dispatched a heartfelt telegram of condolences, bearing the signature of Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, to the Apostolic Nuncio to Libya, Archbishop Savio Hon Tai-Fai, on behalf of the Libyan people.

Expressing profound sadness at the immense loss of life and widespread destruction, the Pope assured those affected of his unwavering prayers for the souls of the departed and those grieving their loss.

Within this message, Pope Francis conveyed his heartfelt spiritual support to the injured, the families anxiously awaiting news of their missing loved ones, and the dedicated emergency personnel engaged in rescue and relief efforts.

The Holy Father invoked divine blessings of solace, strength, and resilience upon all those touched by this tragic catastrophe.

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