July 13, 2024

New York Mayor raises Nigerian flag on Wall Street, describes NY Lagos of America


Mayor Eric Adams of New York City has led a historic celebration in honor of Nigeria’s 63rd independence day.

The event, organized by the African Council, took place in the heart of Manhattan’s Bowling Green, marking the first time the Nigerian flag has been raised at this iconic location.

The ceremony was attended by a diverse crowd, including prominent leaders, members of the African diaspora, and citizens from all walks of life.

In his passionate address, Mayor Eric Adams expressed his gratitude to the African Council and its leaders for making this milestone celebration possible.

He highlighted the immense contributions of Nigerians to the city’s academic, professional, and entrepreneurial sectors.

Adams commended the Nigerian community’s dedication, innovation, and their presence in various influential positions throughout the city, emphasizing their substantial impact.

Mayor Adams underscored the significance of both substantive and symbolic gestures in acknowledging the Nigerian community’s contributions to New York City.

He pointed out that “the presence of African leaders in key roles within the city administration, such as Deputy Commissioner Ahmad Jamal and Special Counsel, demonstrates the city’s commitment to inclusivity.”

Highlighting the historical importance of the event, Mayor Adams noted that it took 110 mayors before the Nigerian flag was raised in Bowling Green.

He emphasized the importance of this symbolic gesture, particularly for the Nigerian diaspora, many of whom were reunited with their relatives who had left Africa’s shores generations ago.

Adams also celebrated the growing influence of African Americans in positions of power and leadership across the country.

He stated that “key figures, including the Attorney General of New York, District Attorneys in various boroughs, and congressional leaders, all have African ancestry.”

He emphasized the strength and voice of the African community within the United States.

In a passionate call to action, Mayor Adams urged unity and collaboration among the diverse communities in New York City.

He emphasized the city’s history as a melting pot of cultures and highlighted the power of self-determination in achieving collective goals.

The ceremony concluded with the raising of the Nigerian flag, symbolizing not only Nigeria’s independence but also the unity and strength of New York City’s diverse communities.

Mayor Adams received a heartfelt gift from the Nigerian consulate, recognizing his dedication to the Nigerian community and the city at large.

The event served as a powerful reminder of the city’s commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and celebrating the contributions of all its residents, regardless of their backgrounds, in the heart of “Lagos of America,” New York City.

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