Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

A security scare unfolded near President Joe Biden as a car collided with a Secret Service vehicle within his motorcade on Sunday. The incident occurred as the president departed from his campaign headquarters in Delaware.

The tense moment transpired when a sedan forcefully crashed into an SUV positioned at an intersection approximately 130 feet (40 meters) away from Biden. The loud impact prompted swift action from security personnel, who quickly ushered the president into a waiting vehicle, swiftly evacuating him from the downtown Wilmington building.

A White House official assured the public, stating, “Both the president and first lady are fine,” following the incident. Secret Service spokesperson Special Agent Steve Kopek provided details, noting that the collision took place at around 8:09 pm (0109 GMT) and involved a Secret Service vehicle securing the president’s motorcade route.

Remarkably, there was no protective interest associated with the collision, and the president’s motorcade departed without further incident, according to Agent Kopek.

Pool reporters, who had just concluded a session of shouting questions to Biden from a distance outside the campaign offices, became witnesses to the unexpected crash. Responding swiftly, agents surrounded the silver car with Delaware license plates, drawing weapons on the driver, who complied by raising his hands.

Following the incident, reporters were efficiently gathered by staff to join the motorcade as it left the rain-soaked scene. Urgency prevailed as security personnel secured the area, with a staffer instructing reporters, “They’re evacuating, you guys gotta go.”

President Biden reached his family home safely, ensuring a resolution to the security scare without further incident.

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