Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Serbian opposition leader Marinika Tepic, visibly weakened but resolute, persists in her hunger strike within the parliament building, protesting alleged “electoral fraud” in the December 17 parliamentary and local elections.

Tepic, part of the “Serbia Against Violence” opposition group, demands the annulment of election results, joined by six other members. The ruling party, led by President Aleksandar Vucic, claims a decisive victory, but international observers, including OSCE representatives, cite “irregularities” such as “vote buying” and “ballot box stuffing.”

Despite receiving daily intravenous fluids, Tepic adamantly refuses to eat, stating, “I have no intention to give up until fake elections are annulled, until they admit to electoral fraud, and until the will of the people is defended.” Western nations express concern over reported irregularities, with Germany deeming the allegations “unacceptable” for an EU-aspiring country. The U.S. urges Belgrade to address election monitor concerns, while the EU calls for electoral process improvement.

Serbian prosecutors, responding to allegations of fraud, request a police investigation. Tepic accuses Vucic of orchestrating “electoral migrants,” asserting Serbia’s unique phenomenon. Vucic denies these claims and urges opposition MPs to explore alternative forms of protest. Tepic remains resolute, criticizing Vucic’s statements and emphasizing her commitment to the cause. International observers highlight claims of voters living abroad being transported to cast ballots, with Tepic holding Vucic accountable.

As tensions escalate, Serbia’s political landscape remains in flux, with the opposition persisting in its hunger strike, allegations of fraud under investigation, and international actors closely monitoring the situation.

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