Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

In a surprising move, 34-year-old Gabriel Attal assumes the role of France’s youngest-ever prime minister, drawing parallels to his mentor, President Emmanuel Macron. As the country’s first openly gay premier, Attal faces the crucial task of steering Macron’s centrist forces against the far-right in upcoming European elections and the 2027 presidential polls.

Attal’s assertive style marks a departure from his predecessor, the technocratic Elisabeth Borne, setting the stage for a new era of dynamic politics. His rise to such a prominent position prompts comparisons to Macron, who became France’s youngest president at 39, breaking the previous record held for decades.

With confidence, good looks, and a reputation for decisiveness, Attal is considered one of the most ambitious ministers in Macron’s government. Popular among the public, he garnered over a third of support in an Odoxa survey, a testament to his perceived ability to lead.

Entering politics in his early 20s, Attal swiftly ascended the ranks, culminating in his recent appointment as prime minister. Notably, he has prioritized addressing bullying in schools and collaborated with First Lady Brigitte Macron on the issue. However, his controversial decision to ban the abaya in schools has sparked debates about secularism and raised questions about discrimination against the Muslim minority.

Hailing from a diverse background, Attal, whose father was Jewish, has experienced anti-Semitism and homophobia. Originally aligned with the Socialist Party, he shifted allegiance to Macron’s centrist movement in 2016, showcasing his adaptability in the political landscape.

As Attal assumes the mantle of leadership, eyes turn towards his ability to navigate Macron’s legacy and uphold the principles of centrism in a rapidly evolving political climate.

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