July 15, 2024

Passengers stranded across Europe as Storm Isha disrupts Flights


Thousands of airline passengers in Europe have faced unexpected challenges today, waking up in the wrong destination or even the wrong country, as Storm Isha wreaked havoc on flight plans.

The storm, with gusts reaching up to 90 mph, led to numerous flight disruptions, including cancellations, diversions, and go-arounds across airports in Ireland and the UK.

The impact was particularly severe for flights involving Ireland and the UK, where airports experienced significant disruptions. Dublin Airport, a key hub for Ryanair, witnessed 166 canceled flights on Sunday, along with 36 diversions and 34 go-arounds. The chaos unfolded as aircraft attempted to navigate the storm, leading to extraordinary scenes and unexpected destinations.

Ryanair flights, such as one from Lanzarote to Dublin and another from Manchester to Dublin, faced diversions to Bordeaux and Paris Beauvais, respectively. Even short-haul flights, like Shannon to Edinburgh, were affected, diverting to Cologne, Germany. The situation extended beyond Ireland, with the UK experiencing over 100 go-arounds, creating challenges for flight crews and air traffic control.

Airports across the UK, including Edinburgh, Manchester, Gatwick, and Stansted, reported cancellations, diversions, and go-arounds due to the adverse weather conditions. EasyJet’s flight from Antalya to Manchester ended up landing in Lyon, France, highlighting the struggle for safe arrivals amid Storm Isha’s impact.

Flight tracking websites showcased the chaotic routes taken by aircraft, circling and diverting in search of safe landing windows. As of Monday morning, the aftermath of the storm continued to affect air travel, with aircraft out of position and passengers facing disruptions.

Aviation enthusiasts documented the challenging landings, with footage capturing the intense winds affecting planes, exemplified by an Aeromexico flight oscillating during its landing. Despite the dramatic scenes, pilots emphasized the rigorous training and planning involved in dealing with extreme weather events, ensuring the safety of both passengers and crew.

As the aviation industry grapples with the repercussions of Storm Isha, airports and airlines are working to mitigate disruptions, offering waivers for parking charges and addressing the logistical challenges caused by the widespread impact on flight schedules. Passengers are advised to check for updates and adhere to any guidance provided by airlines as the situation unfolds.

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