July 15, 2024

Taylor Swift conspiracies ‘nonsense’ says NFL chief


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell unequivocally denounced conspiracy theories linking pop icon Taylor Swift to the event as “nonsense.” Speculations have surfaced, particularly among right-wing critics, suggesting Swift’s relationship with Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce is part of a plot to rig the Super Bowl and aid in the reelection of US President Joe Biden.

The unusual theories have portrayed Kelce and Swift’s association as a deep-state maneuver aimed at influencing this year’s presidential election outcome in Biden’s favor. Notably, Fox News recently questioned whether Swift could be considered a Pentagon asset. Mike Crispi, a prominent pro-Donald Trump broadcaster, has also claimed the relationship is fabricated and part of a rigged Super Bowl scenario.

However, Goodell, speaking to reporters at Allegiant Stadium on Monday ahead of the Super Bowl showdown between Kansas City and the San Francisco 49ers, dismissed such notions. He acknowledged that public figures are subject to criticism but firmly stated that the idea of scripted manipulation is baseless and unworthy of discussion. Goodell humorously remarked, “I’m not that good a scripter.”

Despite the controversy, Goodell praised the positive impact of Swift’s presence on the NFL, particularly highlighting the surge in television audience numbers, especially among female viewers, since Swift began attending Kelce’s games. The AFC Championship game, where the Chiefs clinched victory over the Baltimore Ravens, recorded the highest viewership in history.

Goodell commended Swift as a remarkable performer and celebrated her influence on NFL football. He described Swift and Kelce as “wonderful young people” and emphasized Swift’s ability to generate excitement and attract a new demographic of fans, particularly young women, to the sport.

Swift’s influence extends beyond the realm of sports, as evidenced by her historic win at the Grammys on Sunday, where she secured her fourth Album of the Year prize, the most of any performer. This ongoing recognition underscores Swift’s multifaceted impact and prominence in popular culture.

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