July 18, 2024

Biden expresses confidence in renewed US War aid to Ukraine amidst Russian advances


President Joe Biden conveyed his confidence to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Saturday regarding the forthcoming renewal of war aid from the US Congress. However, he cautioned that without American assistance, Kyiv could face further territorial losses to Russian advances.

Speaking to reporters after attending church in Delaware, Biden stated, “I spoke with Zelensky this afternoon to let him know that I was confident we’re going to get that money.” He emphasized the imperative nature of securing new funding, describing any failure by US lawmakers to approve military aid to Kyiv as “absurd” and “unethical,” asserting, “I’m going to fight to get them the ammunition they need.”

The leaders’ discussion followed Russia’s capture of Avdiivka, an eastern Ukrainian stronghold, marking a significant symbolic victory for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Avdiivka, once a bastion of Ukrainian resistance against Russian aggression since 2014, now lies mostly destroyed.

The White House underscored the consequences of congressional inaction, noting that the Ukrainian withdrawal from Avdiivka resulted from dwindling ammunition supplies. Biden expressed concerns about the possibility of further Ukrainian cities falling to Russian forces in the absence of increased US aid, acknowledging the uncertainty of the situation.

The issue of military aid to Ukraine has become entangled in domestic US politics, with former President Donald Trump’s allies in the House of Representatives delaying $60 billion in assistance. Trump, a key figure in the upcoming presidential election, opposes aiding Kyiv and has wielded his influence to thwart legislation that would provide additional support to Ukraine.

In response to the phone call with Biden, Zelensky expressed gratitude for the American president’s support, stating on Telegram, “I am glad that I can count on the full support of the American president. We also believe in the wise decision of the US Congress.” The reassurances from the US come as Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken endeavor to reassure Western allies at the Munich Security Conference of Washington’s steadfast commitment to Kyiv’s defense against the Russian invasion. Speaking alongside Zelensky in Munich, Harris emphasized the importance of unwavering support for Ukraine, stressing, “As it relates to our support for Ukraine, we must be unwavering and we cannot play political games.”

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