July 17, 2024

Biden administration announces US aid air drops in Gaza


In response to the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza, President Joe Biden announced on Friday the initiation of relief supply air drops into the region. The decision follows the tragic events of the previous day, which saw the deaths of over 100 Palestinians during an aid convoy.

Speaking from the White House during a meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, President Biden affirmed the United States’ commitment to provide additional assistance, stating, “We need to do more, and the United States will do more.”

The forthcoming aid efforts will involve collaborative endeavors with Jordan and other allies to facilitate air drops of essential food and supplies. These actions unfold amidst ongoing negotiations aimed at securing a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Gaza, besieged since Hamas’s October 7 attacks on Israel, faces a mounting humanitarian crisis, prompting Biden to urge Israel to minimize civilian casualties and permit aid access while maintaining military support for the nation.

President Biden expressed optimism regarding the prospect of a six-week ceasefire agreement coinciding with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, scheduled to commence on March 10 or 11. However, he acknowledged the complexity of ceasefire discussions, especially in light of the recent incident where numerous Palestinians lost their lives while attempting to access aid in northern Gaza. Israeli forces, citing perceived threats, opened fire on the crowd, leading to widespread condemnation.

In response to the escalating crisis, President Biden emphasized the imperative of delivering aid promptly. He announced plans to press Israel for increased access for aid trucks and explore the viability of a “marine corridor” to facilitate substantial aid deliveries into Gaza. The decision to implement air drops had been under consideration for some time, but Thursday’s tragedy underscored the urgency of diversifying aid delivery methods.

While the United States is committed to providing sustained aid through multiple air drops over several weeks, the operation presents formidable challenges. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby highlighted the complexities involved, citing the densely populated environment of Gaza and the inherent risks to both civilians and military personnel. Despite these challenges, the Biden administration remains resolute in its support for Israel’s security needs, even as it navigates the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza.

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