Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

In a significant escalation of hostilities, pro-Ukrainian militias executed a daring cross-border assault on Russia on Tuesday, following Kyiv’s deployment of one of its largest drone attacks since the onset of the conflict. Volunteer fighters aligned with Kyiv, primarily comprised of Russians opposed to the Kremlin, claimed to have breached the Kursk and Belgorod regions, while Moscow reported thwarting multiple incursion attempts along the border.

The Freedom of Russia legion, purportedly consisting of Russian citizens fighting for Ukraine, announced their breach via Telegram, sharing a video from a drone allegedly depicting their operation in the village of Tyotkino. Despite Moscow’s assertion of repelling several attacks, the militia claimed to have engaged in ongoing clashes as of 1:15 pm. The Russian defence ministry reported successfully fending off assaults launched by Ukrainian terrorist groups, employing airstrikes, rockets, and artillery.

While Kursk Governor Roman Starovoyt acknowledged a shootout in the region, he asserted that a full-scale incursion had been averted. Simultaneously, the Belgorod region endured a series of drone attacks, as confirmed by the regional governor. The Russian Volunteer Corps also released night-vision footage purportedly capturing their involvement in a firefight.

Andriy Yusov, spokesperson for Ukraine’s military intelligence, clarified that the Russian volunteer groups acted independently and not under Kyiv’s directives, signaling the Kremlin’s lack of control over the situation. The assailants cited dissatisfaction with the upcoming presidential elections in Russia, denouncing them as a facade for consolidating Putin’s power.

In tandem with the incursion, Kyiv executed a significant drone strike targeting Russian energy sites, including a major oil refinery located approximately 800 kilometers from the border. The attack led to the suspension of operations at the facility, owned by Lukoil, one of Russia’s leading energy companies. Videos circulating on social media depicted a massive blaze engulfing the refinery, casting plumes of black smoke into the air.

Furthermore, a drone strike ignited a fire at a fuel depot in Oryol, around 160 kilometers from the border. Meanwhile, Russian state media reported a military transport plane crash in the Ivanovo region, attributing it to an engine fire. The escalating violence underscores the deepening rift between Ukraine and Russia, exacerbating tensions amidst the ongoing conflict.

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