Sat. May 25th, 2024

The eastern region of Al-Jazira State witnessed intense confrontations between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) on Sunday. The Sudanese Air Force also launched airstrikes on paramilitary force positions in three key areas: south, west, and east of the central Sudanese state.

According to a source within the army, significant progress was made on the eastern front bordering Gedaref State. On Sunday, the army forces successfully captured the town of Al-Qalaa Al-Bayda in Um Al-Qura locality, situated approximately 30 kilometers east of the state capital, Wad Madani. This advance follows a previous maneuver where army forces seized control of Um Faksha and Hafira areas deep within the state.

Despite these advancements, violent clashes were reported near Shabarqa, roughly 30 kilometers from Wad Madani. The RSF, however, countered these reports with video clips purportedly showing confrontations near Al-Faw in Gedaref State, claiming heavy losses inflicted on the army and its allied forces. Additionally, they released images of prisoners, casualties, and a captured tank belonging to the army troops.

Denying any army progress, RSF commander in Al-Jazirah State, Major General Abu Aqla Kikal, vowed to capture a new area before Eid al-Fitr, within a span of two days. Meanwhile, the Wad Madani Resistance Committees lamented the civilian casualties resulting from Sunday’s clashes, with two deaths reported in Sharif Yaqoub village due to flying shrapnel. They urged residents to avoid conflict zones and remain indoors during fighting.

Since last December, RSF paramilitary forces have controlled significant portions of Al-Jazirah State, extending their influence to the outskirts of Sinnar State in the south. However, their attempts to control Al-Manaqil and Al-Qurashi localities in the west have been thwarted. Military sources associated with the Sudanese army confirmed airstrikes targeting RSF positions in Al-Jazirah State, particularly in the southern regions, as well as Arab city, west of Wad Madani, and Al-Shabarqa to the east of the state capital.

Notably, the army’s strategic maneuver appears to be besieging RSF forces in Al-Jazira from three key axes: east (Gedaref), south (Sennar), and west (Al-Manaqil). Confirming this strategy, military sources reported the army’s capture of Medina Arab town, located roughly 15 kilometers west of Wad Madani, after the RSF withdrew from the area following limited clashes. With tensions escalating, experts anticipate a further intensification of the conflict in the days ahead.

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