Fri. May 17th, 2024

Ukrainian military forces stationed in the embattled frontline town of Chasiv Yar, facing continued assaults from Russian forces, have received reinforcements in the form of additional drones and weaponry. This update was provided by Oleksandr Syrsky, the commander-in-chief of Kyiv’s armed forces, in a statement made on Sunday.

Syrsky, who personally visited the troops stationed in Chasiv Yar, disclosed via Facebook that measures had been implemented to significantly enhance the brigades’ capabilities through the provision of ammunition, drones, and electronic warfare equipment.

Highlighting the strategic importance of the region, Syrsky noted that Russia is intensifying its efforts to breach Ukrainian defenses to the west of Bakhmut, a town in the Donetsk region that fell under Russian control last May. The ultimate objective, according to Syrsky, is the seizure of Chasiv Yar, situated approximately 20 kilometers (12 miles) to the west of Bakhmut.

Chasiv Yar has endured substantial damage from continuous shelling, with Ukrainian authorities reporting ongoing and indiscriminate attacks on the town.

Syrsky further cautioned that Russia’s military leadership has set a deadline for the capture of Chasiv Yar by May 9, coinciding with Russia’s commemoration of Soviet victory in World War II. Subsequently, Russia aims to establish a foothold for further advances towards Kramatorsk, a major city in the region, and its environs.

The recent escalation in hostilities was underscored by overnight shelling by Russian forces in the eastern Kharkiv region, resulting in the loss of two lives in a village near the border. Additionally, the energy infrastructure in the Kharkiv region was targeted, causing power outages and disruptions to gas supplies, as confirmed by the energy ministry.

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