Sat. May 25th, 2024

The FBI has initiated a criminal investigation targeting the container ship involved in the devastating collapse of a major road bridge in Baltimore last month, resulting in the loss of six lives, as reported by US media on Monday. The Washington Post characterized the investigation as criminal in nature, citing information from two unnamed US officials. The probe is expected to scrutinize whether the ship’s crew was aware of serious system issues prior to departing from the port.

In response to inquiries, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) stated that it neither confirms nor denies investigations as a matter of policy. However, it acknowledged the presence of its agents aboard the Singapore-flagged Dali container ship, which remains trapped beneath the debris of the Francis Scott Key Bridge nearly three weeks after the tragic incident. The FBI’s statement released on Monday confirmed ongoing law enforcement activities aboard the vessel.

The collapse of the bridge, a crucial transit route connecting the bustling city and port of Baltimore, occurred abruptly on March 26th when the Dali lost power and veered into a support column. Although a distress call was issued moments before the collision, allowing authorities to halt traffic on the bridge and potentially prevent further casualties, an eight-person construction crew working on bridge repairs was unable to be reached in time. Consequently, they plunged into the frigid waters along with tons of concrete and twisted steel.

Of the construction workers involved, two were rescued, with one requiring brief hospitalization while the other emerged unharmed. Tragically, the bodies of two workers have been recovered, while four remain unaccounted for, believed to be trapped beneath the wreckage. The aftermath of the collapse has brought shipping operations in and out of Baltimore to a standstill, rendering the waterway impassable due to the extensive debris.

In efforts to expedite rescue operations and restore the vital shipping lane, authorities are strategizing the removal of the collapsed bridge by segmenting it into smaller sections and lifting them out. Concurrently, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has initiated its investigation into the disaster, reflecting the gravity and complexity of the incident as efforts to recover victims and ascertain the cause of the collapse continue.

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