Sat. May 25th, 2024

In a resolute and comprehensive response to the ongoing crisis in Palestine, the 15th Session of the Islamic Summit Conference concluded with a powerful resolution denouncing Israeli actions and reinforcing unwavering support for the Palestinian people and their quest for self-determination.

The conference, themed “Strengthening Unity and Solidarity Through Dialogue for Sustainable Development,” convened in Banjul, Republic of the Gambia, on May 4-5, 2024, under the auspices of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

The gathering addressed the grave situation unfolding in the region, particularly focusing on the plight of Palestinians amidst escalating tensions.

Key resolutions adopted by the summit included robust condemnation of Israeli aggression against Palestinians, emphasizing the urgent need to halt all illegal Israeli practices perpetuating the colonial occupation and denying Palestinians their fundamental rights.

Delving into historical and legal contexts, the summit reaffirmed the sanctity of Al-Quds Ash-Sharif (Jerusalem) and underlined the importance of safeguarding its status against any attempts to alter its religious and historical significance.

The resolution also referenced critical United Nations resolutions that underscored the illegitimacy of Israel’s actions and called for adherence to international law.

Moreover, the summit spotlighted the enduring struggles of the Palestinian people, acknowledging their steadfastness and just aspirations for self-determination and sovereignty over their land.

The resolution underscored Al-Quds Ash-Sharif as a focal point of Arab and Islamic identity, emphasizing its centrality to the broader Islamic Ummah.

A pivotal aspect of the summit deliberations was the unanimous condemnation of what was described as genocide committed by Israeli forces in Gaza and other occupied Palestinian territories. The resolution categorically rejected any justifications for such atrocities and emphasized the imperative to hold Israel accountable under international law.

The resolution adopted at the Islamic Summit serves as a clarion call to the international community, urging immediate and decisive action to end the protracted suffering of the Palestinian people and to ensure justice, self-determination, and peace in the region.

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