Sat. May 25th, 2024

In a pivotal move for New York City’s commitment to racial equity and social justice, the newly formed Commission on Racial Equity (CORE) has introduced its inaugural commissioners and unveiled draft Community Equity Priorities (CEPs) to guide government operations and amplify community voices in decision-making processes.

The appointment of 11 out of 14 commissioners signals a robust blend of seasoned civil servants and fresh advocates who will spearhead efforts to address systemic disparities across marginalized communities, including Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), immigrants, LGBTQIA+ individuals, women, religious minorities, youth, seniors, and those with disabilities.

Established following the November 2022 ballot, CORE’s mandate aligns with New York City’s commitment to promoting racial equity and inclusivity for all residents.

Mayor Eric Adams emphasized the city’s dedication to advancing racial justice through collaborative efforts with the commission, ensuring that all New Yorkers can partake in the city’s prosperity.

Speaker Adrienne Adams echoed this sentiment, underscoring the essential role of community engagement in shaping governmental decisions that impact well-being. The commissioners’ appointments reflect a strategic approach to fostering inclusivity and dismantling systemic inequities.

Among the notable appointees are Dr. Torian Easterling, Drew Gabriel, Grace Pyun, Ahmed Ali Uzir, Adama Bah, Cristobal Gutierrez, Yesenia Mata, Pesach Osina, Francesca Perrone, Rev. Kirsten John Foy, and Sadye L. Campoamor, who bring diverse experiences and perspectives to the commission.

The draft Community Equity Priorities (CEPs) derived from extensive consultations with community stakeholders highlight foundational values, emphasizing the need for just recognition of talents and contributions, ensuring thriving conditions for every individual, and embracing vigilance, remedy, and reconstruction.

Linda Tigani, Chair and Executive Director of the Commission on Racial Equity, emphasized the collaborative nature of this endeavor, highlighting the crucial role of community partnerships in effecting meaningful change.

The public is encouraged to engage in the process by attending community conversations hosted by CORE and providing feedback on the CEPs, underscoring the commission’s commitment to inclusivity and transparency.

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