June 16, 2024

MMC unveils new publication “The Bronx Post”

New York, NY — May 22, 2024 — Yesterday marked a historic occasion as close friends and colleagues joined the management of Muslim Media Corporation to celebrate the launch of the Bronx Post, a groundbreaking newspaper dedicated to the dynamic and evolving Bronx community. Bronx Post aims to address the lack of coverage from mainstream media, offering a fresh perspective on the borough’s rich and diverse landscape.

The Bronx, once known as the “burning borough,” has undergone a remarkable transformation. With a rapidly growing immigrant population and thriving entrepreneurial spirit, this vibrant community has often been overlooked by traditional media and county investment analysts. Bronx Post is committed to changing this narrative by providing in-depth coverage and highlighting the borough’s positive developments and achievements.

As an extension of the Parkchester Times, the community newspaper instrumental in the surprise victory of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bronx Post inherits a legacy of impactful journalism. Muslim Media Corporation, a proud Bronx-based family enterprise, has deep roots in the borough’s evolving dynamics over the past three decades. Their dedication to improving the quality of life in the Bronx has garnered them a loyal and growing community of supporters and admirers.

Bronx Post is set to rejuvenate professional media coverage in the borough, challenging outdated perceptions and showcasing the Bronx’s significant economic growth and vibrant social activities. The newspaper aims to be the primary source of news for all things Bronx, reflecting the true spirit and progress of the community.

Muhammed Mujumder, Chairman of Community Board 9 in The Bronx, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The launch of Bronx Post is a significant milestone for our community. It provides a much-needed platform to highlight the positive changes and opportunities within the Bronx. I am confident that this newspaper will play a crucial role in shaping the future of our borough.”

Sheikh Musa Drammeh, founder and publisher of Bronx Post, emphasized the publication’s mission, saying, “Our goal with Bronx Post is to fill the void left by mainstream media and to provide a voice for the Bronx community. We are committed to showcasing the true essence of the Bronx, celebrating its diversity, and promoting its growth.”

David Ahmed Coulibaly, Special Advisor and Director of Community Affairs at The Bronx Borough President’s Office, added, “Bronx Post is a game-changer for our borough. It will help bridge the gap between our residents and the wider world, ensuring that the stories of the Bronx are told with accuracy and respect. I look forward to seeing the positive impact this newspaper will have.”

To achieve its ambitious goal of comprehensive Bronx-wide coverage, Bronx Post relies on the support of local advertisers and the loyal readership that has sustained Parkchester Times. For all the latest news and events in the Bronx, visit www.bronxpost.com.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact Sheikh Musa Drammeh at muslimmediacorporation@gmail.com or call 718-822-5555



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Muslim Media Corporation, the publisher of the Bronx Post, Parkchester Times, New York Parrot, Muslim Parrot, Senegambia Times and Africa Parrot newspapers, is a leading publisher committed to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and informed dialogue through its diverse portfolio of media outlets. With a dedication to journalistic integrity and community engagement, Muslim Media Corporation fights against radicalization through media and empowers voices from all backgrounds and fosters a more connected and understanding society.

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