June 16, 2024

Eric Adams hosts first-ever public safety promotion ceremony, announces new initiatives


Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, delivered a significant speech at the inaugural Public Safety Promotion Ceremony, celebrating the dedication of New York City’s public safety agencies and unveiling new initiatives to enhance community safety.

The event, attended by high-ranking city officials and distinguished guests, marked a pivotal moment in recognizing the efforts of public safety personnel across multiple agencies. Lieutenant Jack Conway, representing the Police Department’s Ceremonial Unit, commenced the ceremony by introducing the dignitaries present, including Police Commissioner Dr. Edward Caban and Deputy Mayors Ana Almanzar, Maria Torres-Springer, and Sheena Wright.

Chief of Staff Camille Joseph Varlack expressed profound gratitude towards the city’s public safety personnel. “Your vigilance and dedication make New York City a better place for all who call this city home,” she stated, highlighting the administration’s commitment to supporting these crucial roles.

Mayor Adams then took the stage, sharing a poignant moment as he invited a father holding his baby to join him, symbolizing the future generations that public safety efforts aim to protect. Reflecting on his personal journey as a father and former police officer, Mayor Adams emphasized the importance of unity among public safety agencies.

“We were so disjointed because of the color of our uniform or what our patches stated instead of realizing we were one team,” he noted.

The Mayor outlined plans for a coordinated law enforcement strategy, emphasizing the integration of efforts from various departments, including Corrections, Probation, Parks, and the Sheriff’s Office. He underscored the significance of the new Public Safety Academy, aimed at fostering inter-agency collaboration and learning.

Special acknowledgments were given to notable figures such as Gregory Floyd, head of a law enforcement entity, and Corporation Counsel Judge Sylvia Hinds-Radix for their unwavering commitment to public safety.

The ceremony culminated with First Deputy Mayor Sheena Wright administering the oath of office to the newly promoted public safety officers. “You have distinguished yourself and are now about to take an oath to perform another level of responsibility,” Wright declared, commending the promotees for their hard work and dedication.

Mayor Adams concluded by celebrating New York City as the greatest city in the world, attributing this distinction to the exemplary service of its public safety personnel. The event not only honored the contributions of those promoted but also reinforced the administration’s dedication to building a safer, stronger, and more resilient city.

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