June 16, 2024

Attorney General Garland eviscerates MAGA lies in explosive House Judiciary hearing


In a gripping House Judiciary Committee hearing, Attorney General Merrick Garland systematically dismantled the “extremely dangerous” falsehoods propagated by some Republicans regarding the conviction of former President Donald Trump.

The hearing, intended by Republicans to undermine Garland and the Justice Department, backfired spectacularly as the Attorney General stood firm against baseless accusations.

From the outset, Garland condemned the misuse of contempt by certain committee members to access sensitive law enforcement information without legitimate purpose. “This effort is only the most recent in a long line of attacks on the Justice Department’s work,” Garland stated in his opening remarks, setting a combative tone for the session.

MAGA Congressman Matt Gaetz’s attempt to insinuate that President Biden orchestrated the prosecution of Trump by the New York State Attorney General was swiftly rebutted.

“The case in New York is brought by the Manhattan district attorney independently on his own volition, as [his] own determination of what was, what he believed was a violation of state law,” Garland clarified, emphasizing the independence of the state-level prosecution.

Garland did not shy away from addressing broader accusations against the FBI, decrying the “baseless and extremely dangerous falsehoods” that undermine law enforcement operations. In a poignant exchange with Democratic Congressman Jerry Nadler, Garland debunked the conspiracy theory that President Biden had authorized the FBI to use deadly force during the Mar-a-Lago raid to assassinate Trump.

“This is dangerous. It raises the threats of violence against prosecutors and career agents,” Garland warned.

He explained that the document in question was a standard use of force protocol, applied uniformly, including during the search of President Biden’s own home.

Throughout the hearing, Garland underscored the detrimental impact of attacks on the Justice Department. “Attacks on the rule of law tear down those confidences in the basic, fundamental element of our democracy that all people will be treated equal,” he asserted.

Garland committed to safeguarding the integrity of the Justice Department and its employees, vowing to protect them from undue political influence.

Garland’s masterful performance showcased his commitment to the rule of law and the principles of justice, leaving his detractors struggling to maintain their narrative.

The hearing, intended as a Republican offensive, ultimately highlighted Garland’s unwavering dedication to truth and professionalism, cementing his role as a steadfast defender of the Justice Department.

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