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Oodua National Integration Network (ONIN) has celebrated with Nigerians on the occasion of Democracy Day held on Thursday June 12, 2020.

The leadership of ONIN, who congratulated the country in a statement released on Friday June 12, 2020, stated that they joined the celebration to mark the 21st anniversary of uninterrupted democratic rule in Nigeria.

They added the celebration is indeed the first of its kind to take place on 12th June, a memorable date in the history of Nigeria.

“June 12 is a historic date that ushered in democracy through a successful but nullified electoral process that took place on 12th June 1993.

“Even though, the annulment of the 1993 election later polarised and destabilised the entity called Nigeria, the 1999 elections and subsequent elections have ushered in democracy and stabilised the polity,” the statement reads.

“The founding fathers of our democracy are congratulated for laying the foundation on which politicians are building on,” it adds.

ONIN Director General, Engr. Bashir Lawal, stated that the celebration of democracy day focuses on some salient issues.

According to Engr. Lawal, the country’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, deserves appreciation for deeming it fit to rewrite the history of democracy in Nigeria by assigning the date a free and fair election was conducted in the country.

He added that national unity is essential for subsequent celebration of democracy day. He urged all Nigerians to embrace unity and stay away from divisive tendencies that can jeopardize the oneness of the country.

The director further stated that the courage of those that defended Chief M.K.O Abiola mandate with their sweat and blood must be saluted.

“The Yoruba leaders are enjoined to synergise with all other leaders of Nations that made Nigeria as an entity.

“A need for dialogues, understanding and strategising towards the progress of Nigeria is highly desirable,” he said.

Engr Lawal, however, cautioned some Yoruba who are calling for secession or disintegration of the country.

He said, “There is strength in numbers, our forefathers made a lot of sacrifice and even supported the civil war in order to have One Nigeria.”

He called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to intensify efforts in fighting insurgencies and ensuring safety of the citizens from banditry attack and kidnapping.

While wishing all Nigerians a happy celebration, he appealed to the federal government to intensify efforts toward post-COVID 19 economic recovery

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