July 17, 2024

Diana Richardson demands financial support for teachers, students as NYC reopens schools


Assemblywoman Diana Richardson has demanded that plan to reopen New York City’s schools in the fall be supported with financial benefits for guidance counselors, social workers, school nurses, supplies, teachers.

Richardson disclosed this issued in a statement made in response to a letter sent last week to parents by New York City Department of Education Chancellor, Richard Carranza.

In the letter, Chancellor Carranza outlined the beginnings of a plan for the 2020-21 school year.
She explained that DOE is exploring the feasibility of a “blended learning” strategy, in which students are in schools for part of the time and learning remotely for the rest, as a way to ensure safety during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“While I’m glad DOE has begun the crucial work of planning for the fall, we need to do much more to create a safe, productive learning environment for our students, parents, teachers and staff,” Assembly Member Richardson said.

She added that the time has come to cut education funding.

Richardson stressed that public schools in the 43rd Assembly District are already owed $6,526,356 in legally-mandated Foundation Aid from New York State.

“I have fought every year I’ve been in office for the funds our schools deserve. It is the duty of every state lawmaker to ensure schools have the resources to guarantee a safe and productive education this September,” she stated.

The assembly woman believes that the legislature should reconvene to allocate funding for guidance counselors, school nurses and social workers to help children navigate trauma brought on by the pandemic.

She also emphasized necessary supplies and support the teachers need to effectively teach online and in-person, as well as the childcare for parents who will return to work as federal unemployment benefits end and the economy begins to reopen.

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