Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Former New York State Democratic Committee Member Hon. Ronald Savage, owner of the Hip Hop Movement Brand, stated on his Hip Hop Movement website that as the United States and countries around the world face the pandemic of covid-19, here in America people were and are faced with losing their jobs at no fault of their own are now victims of an enemy we cannot see but goes by the name of covid-19.

The United States boldly States this virus started and came from China as President Trump named the virus the Chinese virus and call for shutdowns across America and having people stay home instead of going to work and these same people are now faced with paying rent with no job due to presidential and State shutdowns.

Most low class and middle-class Americans live paycheck to paycheck with little to no savings. Savage states he sat back and watched governors like New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo talk tough words to get much needed equipment to help fight against the virus but tip-toe around the question of what are we going to do about the people who cannot afford to pay their rent due to the covid-19 pandemic. These people lost their jobs due to governmental executive orders of closures that affect many people’s jobs.

It’s time to talk tuff and bailout Americans against losing their Apartments. Passing executive orders stopping landlords from evicting tenants for three months does very little to nothing when those 3 months are up and the landlord starts eviction process. It’s time to stop dodging the straight question and stop saying we’re going to do something and just do it, the something should be a rent freeze that does not have to be paid back and a stimulus package going out to landlords or the building owners to cover the cost of their tenants rent. Savage states If you are telling people to stay home instead of going to work then you should be covering the cost of people’s rent, and looking at charging this back to China.

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