July 17, 2024

Police Brutality on the Rise


Lawrence Seiler

Tasers Guns Black Eyes etc…. This week on our television program we will have a team in Vermont called Team Two, it’s a team of Mental Health Professionals that help the community along with the Montpelier Police Department and other police Forces talk to people the right way when working with people with Mental and physical Challenges.

The case of Erik Gardner shouldn’t have happened and other cases around the nation should not have happened.

In my opinion Police take an oath to protect the community sometimes television and the media exaggerate fact yes the TV program “The Law and Order” franchize and other programs Like Dragnet Hill Street Blues Homicide Life on the Street Take situations from the headlines. But being a police officer takes training and a psychological exam because not all police officers can take the seriousness of the job that’s why there have also been police suicides as well.

There was a case in Syracuse, New York on a bus where Police in 2013 tased a disabled man on the Centro Bus Transit System because the Bus driver who called the Police since he couldn’t get him to sitdown, the case was settled out of court for over 6 million dollars
There was a recent case in Vermont where I felt police went too far and shot a mentally challenged man.

First of all it may seem all mentally or physically challenged people are threat to security or people. I agree there needs to be more counseling services or alternate ways of medicating people, but you cannot just shoot a person just because you have a badge or being trigger happy officer.

Before you take an oath to become a police officer make sure you are mentally fit first. Don’t just take the badge because it looks shiny or it gives you power. There are too many people who abuse power in our nation, way too many.

For more information on suicide prevention contact 1800Life-Net. if you need help there is nothing wrong with asking for help pride is no good do not do things alone…

Also to access Abled and on Air on Orca Media as a resourse you can go to www.orcamedia.net

Lawrence Seiler

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