July 15, 2024

My name is Sheikh Musa Drammeh. I have been a New York City resident since 1986. I came to live in Harlem in the height of the drug epidemic, rundown buildings, rampant violet crimes, extreme poverty and the young population whose families celebrated each day that they are not being incarcerated or murdered. Indeed eighties and nineties were among the darkest times for New Yorkers, particularly the Black and Latino New Yorkers.

As a New Yorker who witnessed the crack epidemic, AIDS, mafias and gang genocides, 9/11 terrorism, and the greatest socioeconomic and educational achievement gaps among New Yorkers, I think I have a personal appreciation for what our city has become.

I have been shot at, stabbed, slashed, beaten up and robbed multiple times at gunpoint in the Bronx and Harlem. In short, I have the scares to prove it.

Then came Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. Upon taking office while World Trade Center dusts were still simmering in the deserted Financial District, he was able to bring back the city economically and efficiently. He was able to make it the safest big city in the nation. He made it one of the healthiest, prettiest and most beautiful place to live, work and visit. He improved school performance, race relations, banned public smoking, and positively changed outdoor socialization venues. He stood up for all New Yorkers including the marginalized, LGBTQ and immigrants. He protected personal and religious freedoms of all new Yorkers. He was influenced by the needs of New Yorkers and not that of special interest groups or partisan bosses. He put his resources in good use for our betterment. He is a patriot whose deeds speak louder than his mouth. Just to name a few…

Therefore I, along with countless New Yorkers, wanted him to run for president ever since he left office. In 2014, in anticipation of the upcoming presidential elections, I decided to set up “Bloomberg For President” group to help convince him to run. He did not. But I never lost faith. When he finally jumped in late last year in campaign, ‘Bloomberg For President’ quickly grew from 24 members to becoming the largest and fastest growing grassroots promoter of his candidacy on the social media.

Now, although Mr. Bloomberg is no longer a candidate for president, his ideals must continue to be promoted nationally and globally. To this end, we’ve decided to slightly change the name from ‘Bloomberg For President’ to ‘Bloomberg For Purpose’ and continue expanding the platform and promote his noble causes, initiatives and legislative priorities.

Last but not least, I would like to express my profound honor for having you all join this movement. Let us build a national platform to help Bloomberg with his noble initiatives and policy priorities. Thank you for staying!

Sheikh Musa Drammeh
New York Political Coalition

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