July 13, 2024

When hope was almost gone then came the brightest light in sky.



Joseph Biden is an unmatched national asset and an international pride. He served this nation with honor, dignity and true patriotism.

Bernie Sanders has already made indelible Mark in this nation that shall forever changed how constituents services are delivered. No one questions his genuine heart and care for the least of thee.

Elisabeth Warren is a light in darkness. She is the embodiment of bravery, intelligence, equalizer, and right leader to lead.

All other candidates have made us proud for their leadership, commitment to make the difference for the lives of all Americans. Anyone of them would do a marvelous job as a president based on their backgrounds and achievements.

But different times call for different leadership. At this moment in time, Michael Bloomberg is the most suitable leader to lead this nation and the world forward. Trump’s worse nightmare is Bloomberg. While Mr. Bloomberg is mega rich, he is earned every penny of his wealth using America’s ‘rags to riches’ opportunity. Bloomberg administration is poised to quickly erase Trump’s divisive, corrupt, criminal, dishonest, incompetent, embarrassing, lawless, racist, misogynistic, destructive, childish, and criminal enterprise tenure. No one would be as independent from special interest groups as President Bloomberg.

Mr. Bloomberg is the national panacea at this moment in time. President Bloomberg is the perfect successor to the most unfit, most corrupted, most lawless, most embarrassing, most divisive, most dishonest, most illegitimate, most illiterate, most selfish, most unpatriotic, most unqualified, most dangerous, most unprepared person ever elected President. This nation and world will be blessed tremendously by President Bloomberg taking over after the greatest political blunder ever made by this nation.

Please give him a chance for our sake. He is the right person for these challenging times. Mr. Bloomberg generously put his wealth where we can all benefit. His wealth is a good wealth. His priorities are in line with our collective national interests and international benefits. He is intelligent, independent, and has a proven track record of success and strong leadership.

Please join me to patriotically endorse Michael Bloomberg to be our next president. Thank you.

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