Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

An NYPD cop has been pictured watching a five-on-one brawl among basketball players after a game, without breaking it up nor calling caution.

The brawl was between an 11-year-old girl who was slapped, punched, kicked and even shocked with a stun gun and a group of five other girls happened after a basketball game around 7 p.m. Sunday on East 125th Street near Madison Avenue in Harlem.

During the unfortunate act, cops were seen sitting idly in nearby cruisers without getting involved until the girl was bloody and bruised.

Sources stated that, “The young girl was treated at Mount Sinai Hospital after being cut, bruised and shocked in the stomach with the stun gun.

“The girl told cops she didn’t know her attackers but knew two of their handles on social media.”

However, NYPD spokesman has claimed the account witnessed by the source is “completely inaccurate.”

“The officers were met by a large crowd while attempting to come to this person’s assistance.

“They were outnumbered. Projectiles were thrown at them. And they were forced to reposition and call every available resource in the area,” said rep Al Baker.

The department also tweeted footage it claimed to show people throwing bottles at cops who tried to intervene — though it was unclear when or where the footage was shot, and it does not show the girl being attacked.

But the Post photographer said he observed no bottles being tossed at police — though he was on the scene after hearing reports of an unruly crowd nearby some 45 minutes prior.

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