July 17, 2024

Man City to honor David Silva with a statue at Etihad Stadium


Manchester City has announced plan to honor David Silva, 34, with a statue at the Etihad Stadium.

While making the announcement on Monday August 17, 2020, the Spaniard said that a training pitch would also be named after him at City Football Academy complex which would have a mosaic alongside it.

The mosaic would celebrate Silva’s role in 2011 at Old Trafford when the City’s inflicted a 6-1 defeat on Manchester United .

Silver would join Vincent Kompany, former City captain and team-mate, to have a statue at the stadium.

As it was announced last year, Kompany would receive the honor and both statutes would be unveiled in 2021.

Silver, who has been a part of the City’s history, saw his career come to an end after the City suffered a quarter-final loss to Lyon in Lisbon in the Champions League on Saturday.

Although, his contract was due to expire in June, but for him to finish the 2019/2020 campaign he had agreed to a short-term extension with the club.

Silver is now a free agent and he is said to currently have his eyes on Lazia, an Italian club.

Speaking about Silva’s roles in shaping the history of the club, Al Mubarak, the club’s Chairman, said,

“David Silva is a transformational player – a quiet leader who has acted quietly and deliberately and inspired everyone around him, from the youngest academy player to his senior team-mates over the past 10 years,” he said.

“He has put a stamp on the team, on this club, its history and even the Premier League as a whole. In doing so he has been instrumental to the beautiful football philosophy you see today. He was the start of it,” he added.

Silver in his professional football career with the City since 2010 when he joined the club from Valencia, made 436 appearances for the club. He won four Premier League titles and five League Cups and two FA Cups.

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