July 13, 2024

NYC Mayor delays plan to lay off 22,000 workers


The New York City Mayor, de Blasio has disclosed plan to delay the move to layoff thousands of municipal workers as a result of several requests from union leaders.

The Mayor who planned to implement the cut by October 1, 2020, stated at a press conference that he would hold off on the move at the request of union leaders.

“We will hold, but it will be on a day-to-day basis. We won’t send out the layoff notices today, but each day we will reassess because we have to address our fiscal crisis,” Blasio said.

He stated that unions asked for more time to try to persuade the state legislature to “convene immediately” to weigh authority for the city to borrow funds — a top priority of the mayor’s.

“No one wants to see a single layoff,” he said.

And added that, “I am hoping that this pause will lead to more progress in Albany because of the intense commitment of labor to getting this done.”

De Blasio have however declined to state a new date when he’ll make layoffs if a breakthrough doesn’t occur.

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