Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

The government of The Gambia has officially launched a 31 Million Dollar project setup to help vulnerable rural households.

According to a government official, 83, 000 rural households will receive direct cash transfers under this scheme.

The initiative which is in phases, will support households in Central River Region, Upper River Region, Lower River Region the Fonis in West Coast Region and Sabach Sanjal in the North Bank Region.

“Households in the Fonis have already received the first part of their cash transfer support,” the official said.

“This initiative which is supported by the World Bank, is being implemented by government agencies under the direct coordination of the Office of the Vice President,” he added.

The Gambian government Logo

The cash support initiative will contribute to the mitigation of the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable households in The Gambia.

It will increase short-term consumption of essential goods and services of the target families, and enabling longer-term investments in human and productive capital.

This initiative is Gambia Governmentโ€™s direct response towards the goal of increasing social assistance coverage of the extreme poor in the country.

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