July 15, 2024

Mike Pence explains reasons Trump ignored Palestinian authority


US Vice President Mike Pence has explained the reasons why the American administration has ignored the Palestinian authority.

While explaining this in televised remarks, Pence stated that President Donald Trump took the decision to cut aid to Palestinians after he repeatedly failed in building trust with Palestinian President Abbas.

He explained further that Abbas refused to reach an agreement with Trump, which forced Washington to stop aid to the PA.

In an interview with CBN News on Sunday, Pence underscored his support for the historic peace deal reached between Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates with Israel last week.

He said that “The deal stems from Trump’s Christian beliefs, he stressed, describing Israel as the most cherished ally for the US in the Middle East.”

He added that Trump succeeded where his predecessors failed throughout 25 years of peace efforts because he chose to abandon the old rules of the game.

“Trump tried to build trust with Abbas, but was repeatedly dismissed, forcing him to cease aid to the PA, transfer the American embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights,” Pence said.

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