Mon. May 27th, 2024

The New York Department of City Planning Executive Director, Anita Laremont, has announced a new website, NYC Planning Applicants, that allows small and large property owners to submit preliminary required materials for a land use application online.

The portal, which was announced on Wednesday September 30, 2020, is the first step towards a paperless land use application filing process, one that will save money, trees and storage space.

“This new digital system is a great steppingstone towards a paperless world for our land use submission process.

“The environmental benefits will be enormous, and small property owners, in particular, will benefit from costs savings offered by this common-sense new webtool, that even allows for editing and updating as a project is reviewed,” said Laremont.

He stated further that through this website, applicants can file Pre-Application Statements and Reasonable Worst Case Development Scenarios digitally.

“The former provides preliminary paperwork about a proposed project, marking the start of a potential application.

“The latter is required for projects that need a more in-depth environmental review,” he explained.

He said both documents were among the first items submitted for an application.

He explained further that in the near future, applicants will be able to digitally submit all other required filings for public review, such as the land use application itself and environmental review documents.

NYC Planning Applicants will replace the paper-based system for filing these documents, both quickening the submission process for applicants and continuing DCP’s move towards a greener way of conducting business.

Through the website, applicants can manage who can edit their projects by adding or removing team members and sending invitations to collaborate.

Improved tracking also helps applicants keep an eye on the progress of their proposals.

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