July 17, 2024

NY cleric solicits assistance for wife, children of late Muhammad Abdus Salaam


A New York cleric, Khalid Latif, has solicited assistance for the wife and children of Muhammad Abdus Salaam, who was gruesomely murdered in the front of his residence in Atlanta, USA.

While disclosing this on Monday October 12, 2020, Latif stated that the assistance is necessary in order to take care of the family of the slain man.

“Our brother Muhammad was attacked, robbed and killed in front of his home in Atlanta just a few days ago while unloading groceries he had just purchased,” Latif said.

He said that late Muhammad’s family needs the help of concerned individuals.

“His wife is left caring for their two daughters all while dealing with an uncertain future ahead,” he added.

He noted that Muhammad was the son of the late Imam Sayed Abdus Salaam, a pillar of Islam in America.

“Our brother Muhammad’s was a life of service. Now, we must step up in our service of his family in their time of need. A shaheed who died in self-defense Inshallah,” he added.

Latif thereby urged concerned individuals should make their contributions here.

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