July 17, 2024

Turkey calls for dialogue on Aegean, East Mediterranean


The Defence Minister of Turkey has called for dialogue to resolve matters in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean regions.

Hulusi Akar, in a ceremony that marked the beginning of the new academic year at the National Defense University’s Air Force Academy said, “Do not test us. Let’s solve whatever needs to be done through talks, through dialogue.”

“Turkey is in favor of good neighborly relations, respecting bilateral agreements in accordance with international law and customs in resolving all its problems,” he said on developments in the Aegean, Eastern Mediterranean and Cyprus.

He added that, “On the other hand, Turkey has not seen such an approach from others or response to its efforts to resolve the problems in accordance with international law.”

Akar, while speaking on the attacks by Armenian forces on Azerbaijani civilian settlements, stated how Armenia occupied 20% of Azerbaijani territories nearly 30 years ago.

He said that after Armenian attacks in July and September, Azerbaijan embarked on a struggle to reclaim its lands, saying “enough is enough.”

“After this fight started, some remembered the dialogue. They talk about negotiations, talks, peaceful ways and methods, political solutions.

“We have to ask them: our Azerbaijani brothers have waited for dialogue, negotiations, a political solution for 30 years — What have you done by this time?” he added.

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