Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

A supporter of Joe Biden, MC Lally Lal, has explained how he and his son were attacked by Donald Trump’s loyalist.

While explaining this on his Facebook page, Lal stated that he was confronted by a loyalist of Donald Trump who enquired to know who they wanted to vote for.

“Went with my son so He could vote and this dude on the line asked me who was He voting for, I told him that it was none of his business and he got upset,” Lal said.

He added that his response irritated his attacker. “So he started to get rowdy then he pulled out this object to attack me.

“I too pierced him and knocked his false teeth out [of] his mouth. Then he picked up his teeth from the ground and shoved it back in his mouth, then he charged me from the side and hit my face with the object.

“Once he struck me I grabbed him and slammed him against the curb and his false teeth came out again,” he explained.

He narrated further that he yelled out, “This damn poly grip doesn’t keep my teeth in my mouth. So he got up and left with his teeth in his pocket.”

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