Sun. May 26th, 2024

John Perez has alleged that his life has been under threat over his support for Gene DeFrancis for the New York State 80th Assembly District.

Perez, who disclosed this via his Facebook page on Monday November 2, 2020, stated that “Comments have been made regarding my support for Gene DeFrancis for the New York State 80th Assembly District.”

“My position and focus are clear. If at any time anyone feels that my decision is incorrect based solely on Party Affiliation: (Democrat v. Republican), save your breath,” he said.

He added that he and Assemblywoman Natalia Fernandez had a conversation “at a local gas station in Westchester Square regarding ‘Domestic Violence’.

According to Perez, Fernandez confirmed her knowledge of current Democratic, 32nd District, State Senator, Luis R. Sepulveda and his physical assault “towards” his wife.

He quoted Fernandez just saying: “What I understand is that police were involved.” According Perez, there was no single action or strong reaction towards the pathetic domestic violence because she had soft heart for her fellow.

He further noted that what makes this conceming is that, at the time this incident occurred, “his wife was with [the] child and, due to the privilege, nature and circumstance, the matter was referred to Family Court where all documents are classified confidential and not for Public Viewing”.

“A few days ago, I saw a Zoom meeting transmitted through Facebook, the subject of the conversation was domestic violence.

“Present and speakers on this Zoom was: 80th District Assembly-woman, Natalia Femandez, our newly Elected, Bronx County Democratic Chairman and current State Senator Jamal Baily, Our Bronx County District Attomey, Darcel Clark and several guests involved with the prevention and services for domestic violence

“Speak up and call out the actions of the ones in your circle before you agree to defund the police department,” he stated.

“Now, I do understand, if the police department consistently turns a blind eye to a problem it is considered a systemic problem, the norm so then, there is a systemic problem within the DEMO-CRATIC CLUB for doing the same, and since I cannot defiund, I can certainly choose to campaign and support a candidate that will not tolerate domestic violence.

“As of today, the ‘Come Clean Campaign’ directed at our Bronx Elected Officials will be the focus of my attention,” Perez concluded.

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