Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

The African Democratic Club in New York City has officially endorsed Eric Adams for the New York City Mayor and Councilman Fernando Cabrera for the Bronx Borough President, according to the press release sent to New York Parrot by the newly elected Chairman of the Club, Gbenga Subair.

In the press release signed by Subair, it is noted that the endorsement came up as a result of the observation made by the club’s Endorsement Committee after thorough assessment of all candidates’ manifestos.

“The African Democratic Club Endorses Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adam for Mayor because of his record as a former NYPD Captain and the main components of his campaign which is to address the gun violence currently ravaging through New York City at the moment and the issue of Public Safety. He is a proven leader who with his stellar background can get things done in a diverse city where full representation is need to address the many issues the city currently faces at the moment. It is the reason why we endorse him for Mayor of New York City,” Subair said.

Co-founder of the club, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, further added that Cabrera’s decades of experience in public services with meaning progressive records at various capacities makes him the most suitable candidates for the President of the Bronx Borough post-covid-19 pandemic.

“The Club has decided to endorse Dr. Cabrera too because we know him. We know what he has done for the Bronx and believe in his political agenda for the Bronx. He is a Bronx born and Bronx success story. We are proud to endorse and help his candidacy to victory. We’ve made great stride in the last two decades in the Bronx, but we still have a long way to go as our borough continues to deal with various socioeconomic and health issues.

“Dr. Cabrera’s leadership is what we need at this critical juncture to further the progress made in the last two decades,” said Drammeh.

“Bronx religious leaders from all faiths, denominations, ethnic groups and walks of life have confirmed their presence at the endorsement ground to patriotically and blissfully deliver their collective endorsement to the Bronx borough president candidacy of Dr. Fernando Cabrera,” Drammeh further disclosed.

“Eric Adams and Fernando Cabrera stand out among this year’s contestants for NYC mayoral seat and the Bronx borough President stool respectively. They are the only candidates that put our strongest values, i.e. public safety and equal opportunities for all residents, as their topmost priorities” Subair noted.

“They both have the capacity to save New Yorkers from socio-economic disasters caused by the pandemic. Having heard directly from Adams and Cabrera, every concerned New Yorker know that they are the only ones suitable to take rescue us from the sinking socio-economic ship post-covid era. If we want swift recovery, we just must vote them in,” he added.

“A vote for Eric Adams as NYC mayor and Fernando Cabrera as the Bronx Borough President is a progress and prosperity for the Bronxites and all New Yorkers,” Subair concluded.

The endorsement is scheduled to officially take place at Steps of Bronx County Building, 851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York 10451 at 2PM on Saturday May 8. For further details, call 718-822-5555.

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