Hochul takes action against hate crimes in NYS with security grants, education bill

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Governor Hochul addressed the alarming increase in hate crimes in New York State and outlined her plans to combat this disturbing trend. Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, the governor expressed her distress over the doubling of anti-Semitic acts in the state.

“We stand here today recommitted to two words: No more, no more, no more hate in our state,” Hochul declared before a diverse and attentive audience.

Governor Hochul announced two significant measures aimed at addressing this issue head-on. The first initiative involved legislation that would directly impact college campuses. Under this legislation, colleges would be required to publish campus crime statistics on their websites, develop comprehensive plans to investigate hate crimes, and educate new students about preventive measures. State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky and outgoing State Assemblyman Dan Rosenthal were the sponsors of this bill.

Expressing concern about discrimination and anti-Semitism infiltrating higher education institutions, Assemblyman Rosenthal stated, “Discrimination and anti-Semitism have begun to seep into our institutions of higher education, leaving students feeling unsafe while they’re in school.”

The second measure announced by Governor Hochul involved the allocation of over $51 million in security grants, marking the largest amount ever dedicated to eradicating hate in the state’s history. These grants would be disbursed to over a thousand organizations, including houses of worship, cultural centers, and various venues. The funds would be utilized to enhance cybersecurity, train staff members, and bolster personnel resources.

Governor Hochul emphasized the importance of securing such establishments, remarking, “By virtue of their mere existence, these organizations can be targeted, and it is imperative that we provide them with the necessary resources to safeguard their communities.”

In her speech, Governor Hochul warned about the growing threat of hate in the modern era, drawing a parallel with historical atrocities. Reflecting on the power of social media, she speculated, “Imagine a world where social media was available during Hitler’s time on this earth. I’ve spoken to many Holocaust survivors, and they see the same winds starting to swirl around.”

By unveiling these comprehensive measures, Governor Hochul aims to confront the rising wave of hate crimes in New York State, fostering an environment that is inclusive, safe, and free from discrimination.

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