Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

The state of Minnesota has introduced a revamped flag, discarding the previous design criticized for its perceived racial insensitivity. The former flag, featuring a farmer beside a rifle and a Native American on horseback, has been replaced with a new light blue and dark blue design adorned with a white star.

This initiative, driven by local artist Andrew Prekker, seeks to instill pride and honor among all Minnesotans, with a particular emphasis on inclusivity for Indigenous communities historically excluded.

Speaking on the unveiling, Prekker expressed his hope that the new flag would be a unifying symbol for residents of diverse backgrounds. State lawmaker Mike Freiberg had previously characterized the old flag as a “cluttered genocidal mess,” reflecting the contentious nature of its imagery.

The design of the new flag incorporates a dark blue pattern mirroring the state’s shape, while the light blue elements symbolize Minnesota’s abundant lakes. The redesign process involved the consideration of 2,600 submissions by the design commission, which also led to a new state seal. This updated seal features the state bird, a loon, set against waves, rice, and mountains.

Pending approval by the local legislature, the official raising of the new flag is scheduled to coincide with Minnesota’s annual statehood day in May. This development underscores the state’s commitment to addressing concerns of racial sensitivity and embracing a symbol that reflects its diverse heritage.

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